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  Our research organization:

Consistent Life has established a research arm, the Institute for Integrated Social Analysis (IISA). The purpose of IISA is to increase the quantity and quality of research on matters pertaining to the consistent life ethic and the connections between issues of violence from abortion and euthanasia to the death penalty and war.
Scholars of all levels, from college students to those with Ph.D. degrees, are welcome to participate and network with other scholars of similar interests. We will be offering annotated bibliographies and similar services to encourage enthusiastic researchers.

IISA is not a membership organization with dues, but rather we register participants with a checklist of those areas and activities in which they are most interested. Anyone who wishes to register can contact Rachel MacNair or fill out our Participant Registry Form.

We have a list of books to help in Delving Deeper into the Consistent Life Ethic.

Rachel MacNair
811 East 47th Street
Kansas City, MO 64110-1631
Voice: (816) 753-2057
Fax: (816) 753-7741

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